The Place of Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies in Our Lives

 Banks Banks were invented in 1587 by the Italian Medici family. The Medici family, realizing the problems that arose because people had to leave their assets for a long time while they were going to war, realized that by coming together they could actually protect other people's assets and moreover, they could earn money from this work. In the 16th century, due to the long duration of wars and campaigns, people who went on expeditions often found their homes looted when they returned. Especially because they lost their precious belongings, they had to start a new life, which was already difficult. The Medici family, on the other hand, offers a very simple solution. After the expedition entrusts their valuables to the family, the family hides these items in a place where no one knows. These items are waiting in their hiding place until those who set out on the expedition return. They also reserved a predetermined amount of valuables for themselves as a protection fee. Since Italian